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Guide: London's Best Immersive Halloween Experiences (2023)

From family-friendly frights and atmospheric explorations of grief to intense experiences that promise big scares, here are our recommendations for the best immersive shows in London this October...

A selection of images for London immersive experiences on offer for Halloween

October is looking to be a bumper month for spooky immersive experiences in the capital, and we've gathered together all the information you need to make the most of it. Below is our pick of the five best experiences on offer across the month for those looking for various levels of frights. From family-friend spooks to intense experiences, there's something on offer for everyone's taste this Halloween, if you're brave enough...


Frankenstein: An Immersive Show

Earlier this year at the Crypt in Bethnal Green, Midnight Circle Productions staged an immersive experience based on The Picture of Dorian Grey that opened to rave reviews. They return to the same venue this October for a limited two-week run with their new immersive adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

Director Nicholas Benjamin will lead a devised adaptation of the gothic novel bringing the audience into the memories of Victor Frankenstein against a backdrop of underground Victorian London where scientists, radicals and sailors alike can be found wandering through dingy pubs and creepy laboratories.

Here's Nichola Benjamin describing their plans for the adaptation...

To me ‘Frankenstein’ is a study of human grief and its potential repercussions, the actions of its titular character are inspired by his desire to overcome the mortal weakness of death. However, it’s through these actions that the real weaknesses of humankind are shown, anger, obsession, and denial. By once again giving the audience the choice on what aspect of the story to follow, I hope to give them the chance to view the actions of grieving humankind and conclude whether they are justified. Together let’s discover at what point a man creates a monster.

📍 Crypt, Bethnal Green 💰 From £27.80

🕒 3rd October -14th October 2023 🎟️ Book via


ScreamWork's The Ghost Hunt

ScreamWorks are a relatively new name in the immersive theatre world. Their debut show - Bloodbath, opened in late 2022 and was unlike anything else on offer in the capital. It was a show that pushed the boundaries and conventions of immersive theatre to an extreme and saw members of our party being force-fed, tied up, undressed and almost dragged backwards by the ankles through an air vent. You can read our full review here, but it was an exhilarating experience that stood completely on its own.

Poster for ScreamWork's The Ghost Hunt

They return this October with a new show - The Ghost Hunt. The world of serial killers and torture that Bloodbath revelled in is being swapped out for paranormal investigation, as we prepare to explore the abandoned corridors of East London's most haunted house.

For almost a century, these blood-stained walls, which once echoed with the sound of children's laughter, have enclosed their dark secrets from the world: What happened to the Luff family in October 1937? What forces of darkness could lead a normal happy family suddenly to commit these heinous and barbaric acts? And whatever happened to their eight year old boy Arthur and their mysterious Chinese lodger? Discover for yourself. Join Heston Phoenix - renowned paranormal investigator and sceptic - for Ghost Hunt, hands down London's most intense and exciting fright night.

While we're unsure of exactly what lurks behind the doors of ScreamWork's latest show, we're confident it'll be a uniquely spooky experience. In our review of Bloodbath, we said that ScreamWorks may soon hold the crown for having the most intense immersive shows in the city - so expectations for their return are high.

📍 Bethnal Green 💰 From £45.00

🕒 6th October - 31st October 2023 🎟️ Book via


COLAB Theatre's The Descent

After almost a year of silence from COLAB Theatre, the immersive theatre company behind shows including The West and Crooks 1926 return with not only a new show, but also a brand new venue in London Bridge.

Their latest offering - The Descent, is described as a 'heart-pounding journey into the unknown, where reality and terror collide'. The show will see visitors join Orpheus in a descent into the Underworld to retrieve the fabled songs of old and bring back his wife Eurydice from Hades.

Each performance is limited to just 20 people, so you'll have to be quick to ensure you get a chance to experience this show.

Here's the official description:

Venture into the realms of the supernatural as you join Orpheus on his treacherous journey to the underworld. As the boundary between life and death blurs, your senses will be pushed to their limits. The Descent is not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to confront your deepest fears and experience spine-tingling horror like never before. Every step into the abyss will bring you closer to the unknown, where the boundary between performer and spectator dissolves. Your decisions will shape the story, ensuring no two journeys are the same. When you face your fears, your choices make you who you are.

COLAB Theatre have a string of previous Halloween experiences under their belt, including Echoes (2021), Flicker (2020) and Silence (2019) so there's no doubt that they've had years to hone their immersive scaring skills.

📍 London Bridge 💰 From £28.00

🕒 20th October - 11th November 2023 🎟️ Book via


Phantom Peak - Hallowed Peak: The Lunar Festival

Poster for Phantom Peak - Hallowed Peak

We've spoken at length previously about how good Phantom Peak is. For us, this platypus-loving mining town is one of the most enjoyable immersive experiences currently on offer in London. While it's open nearly year-round with regular updates and ret-hemes, Halloween is when the place comes into its own. Their Lunar Festival is returning for a second year after 2022's Hallowed Peak saw multiple sold-out dates.

There are 10 brand new story trails available for guests to experience this season, and if they are anything like last year's you can expect to be doing anything from banishing demons, to encountering haunted dolls, visiting the Undertakers for a coffin fitting, and almost certainly lending a hand to the town's resident paranormal investigators - Spectre and Vox.

For 2023 they've added a chance to attend a Séance via an add-on to your tickets, as well as a range of Halloween-themed cocktails to the menu at the towns two bars.

Something mysterious and unspeakable is happening at Phantom Peak as the townsfolk prepare for a Lunar Festival they’ll never forget. The very future of Phantom Peak hangs in the balance with the charismatic Mayor Pocket facing an election that could see him lose his grip and shake the foundations of the town to its core. As denizens of Phantom Peak gather together to face some of the most tumultuous and terrifying times ever experienced in the town, it's up to YOU to uncover the secrets within at an immersive Halloween event like no other…

Phantom Peak is a family-friendly experience, and the free-roam, experience-at-your-own-pace design of the show means you can take a break from the storylines at any time and pick them back up without missing anything. There's a string of other activities on offer including carnival games, the annual costume competition and multiple food and drink options.

📍 Canada Water 💰 From £39.99

🕒 5th October - 31st October 2023 🎟️ Book via


Ghost Newington Presents The House of Dust

Promo image for The House of Dust

The team at Fable Feast are well-versed in providing great Halloween offerings. Their previous experience, Ghost Newington, was an immersive walking tour that saw visitors exploring the winding backstreets, cobbled yards and haunted ale houses of Stoke Newington under nightfall. With a sold-out run and amazing reviews, it was only a matter of time before the show expanded...

This year seems them swap the streets of North East London for a bricks-and-mortar venue in Haggerston. The House of Dust will see visitors enjoy three supernatural cocktails throughout the evening as The Ghost Master takes them on a twisted journey through the annals of time to a world where ghosts, murderers and ghouls are brought to life.

The House of Dust is a collaboration between Stoke Newington producers Fable Feast and

design company Vi&Sly. Here's the synopsis..

Enter the inner sanctum of The House of Dust, this long forgotten building in the heart of Hackney… where menace seeps from the brickwork and dark secrets lie veiled beneath the floorboards. As you Imbibe three supernatural cocktails we will take you to a world of ghosts, murderers and ghouls that were said to inhabit this unhallowed site. Who was Spring Healed Jack? The Black Widow Poisoner? The Hangman? The House of Dust's secrets shall be revealed....

📍 Haggerston 💰 From £40.00

🕒 20th October - 31st October 2023 🎟️ Book via


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