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Frankenstein: An Immersive Show confirm cast

Midnight Circle Productions, the immersive theatre company that previously mounted Immersive Picture of Dorian Gray at Crypt (Bethnal Green) earlier this year, return for a two-week run of Frankenstein: An Immersive Show in October.

Directed by Nicholas Benjamin, the adaptation of the 1818 Mary Shelley gothic novel will see the audience enter the memories of Victor Frankenstein against the backdrop of dingy pubs and creepy laboratories in Victorian London. The immersive show will take place at Crypt in Bethnal Green and will welcome visitors from 3rd October until 14th October.

The show's official synopsis is below...

Descend into the depths of the Crypt Tavern; a home of sailors, abandoned dreams and dark secrets. Amongst this rabble lurks Victor Frankenstein, a man with a past deeper and darker than you would ever guess. A story of loss, pain and one man's scientific folly. The question is, is he running from it or frantically pursuing it?

The cast has been confirmed as follows...

Victor Frankenstein will be played by Miles Blanch

Caroline Frankenstein will be played by Nadia Lamin

Elizabeth Lazenza will be played by Niamh-Handley-Vaughan

Robert Walton will be played by Nicholas Benjamin

Alphonse Frankenstein will be played by Harry Harding

Henry Clerval will be played by Michael McGarry

William Frankenstein will be played by Piers Mackenzie

All photos by Roj Whitelock

Speaking about the upcoming adaptation, director Nicholas Benjamin comments.

Frankenstein has always struck me as a grossly misused text when it comes to the media of film. Say the name ‘Frankenstein’ and you’ll probably think of some crazed mad scientist screaming ‘It’s alive! It’s alive!’, or even worse a hulking figure with bolts coming out of its neck. To me ‘Frankenstein’ is a study of human grief and its potential repercussions, the actions of its titular character are inspired by his desire to overcome the mortal weakness of death. However, it’s through these actions that the real weaknesses of humankind are shown, anger, obsession, and denial. By once again giving the audience the choice on what aspect of the story to follow, I hope to give them the chance to view the actions of grieving humankind and conclude whether they are justified. Together let’s discover at what point a man creates a monster


Frankenstein: An Immersive Show runs from Tuesday 3rd October to Saturday 14th October. Tickets are priced at £27.80 and can be booked via eventbrite. Find out more about Midnight Circle Productions via their Facebook page.


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