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Screamworks announce 'The Ghost Hunt' immersive experience for October

ScreamWorks, the immersive company behind Bloodbath - an immersive horror house experience that we reviewed earlier this year, return in October with their second show - The Ghost Hunt.

For a limited run between 6th-31st October, ScreamWorks invites you to discover the truth behind a gruesome murder-suicide at their Bethnal Green venue. Perfect for this Halloween season, we've no doubt that ScreamWorks will deliver one of the capitals scariest immersive experiences. The official synopsis is below...

In October 1937, a gruesome murder-suicide claimed the lives of all but one member of the Luff family; the body of Arthur, the youngest of the Luff’s three children, was never found. Also missing was Mr Wu, a mysterious lodger who, records show, had only moved into the house a few months prior. While various theories have been proffered to explain how a once happy family found themselves at the centre of this macabre massacre, only their ghosts know what really happened on that fateful day. Under the expert guidance of seasoned ghost hunter and paranormal investigator, Heston Phoenix, explore the haunted corridors of this now abandoned house, relive the Luff family’s final moments and discover for yourselves the secrets that have remained hidden within these dark walls for almost a century.

Tickets are available now via Prices start at £45 for standard tickets, with a VIP upgrade available for an additional £10pp. There's also a 41% discount for earlybird tickets, which are only available for the first 1000 tickets booked.

ScreamWorks are also opening a family-friendly show, Ghost Detectives, taking place at the same venue between 14th-29th October. For more information, visit


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