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(Updated July 2024)




A fully immersive, open world experience - a living, breathing town where mystery lurks around every corner. Think of it as part escape room, part immersive theatre, part real-life videogame. You’ll meet mysterious strangers, uncover secret plots of rebellion, and find out what exactly happened to the old Mayor (coincidental accident, or cold-blimped murder?!)

This summer, the residents of Phantom Peak are headed to the great outdoors! Long sunny days have arrived at last, and the Sun Daddy’s light has provided a warm atmosphere for the Townsfolk to compete in exciting camp competitions! But the warmth and sunlight may be blinding the townsfolk to the nefarious machinations of JONACO, hard at work in the mines. Jonas’s powerhouse company has been developing projects in the darkest corners of town, their true intentions a mystery. Join the summer fun, explore the sundrenched canals and lakeside, and uncover JONACO’s mysterious plot before it’s too late!


📍 Canada Water

💰 From £42.00

🕒 21st June - 15th September 2024

🎟️ Book via



Have you ever dreamed of commanding your own Starship? As the bridge crew of your own vessel, you will boldly go where no immersive theatre audience has gone before.


Fusing gaming technology with theatrical performance, Bridge Command offers a variety of scenarios designed to keep the whole team fully engaged. Designed for groups of between three and six people, our fully interactive starship set will respond to your commands, and carry you beyond the final frontier.​​​ It is your job to make it so.

You will be given a uniform and be part of a crew. Your ship is a complex organism that will require maintenance, you will meet a variety of characters played by live actors, and your missions will involve an array of challenges. More specifically, each officer’s station has a different set of tasks to complete. Helm officers fly the ship, engineering officers keep it running, and so on.

📍 Vauxhall

💰 From £40.00

🕒 Ongoing

🎟️ Book via

Zoe Flint (L) and Tom Black (R) from the cast of Parabolic Theatre on the set of Bridge Co

Fuerza Bruta - AVEN

After 10 long years, Fuerza Bruta is finally returning to its London home - the Roundhouse - with its incredible new show AVEN, a rollercoaster ride of euphoria, optimism and desire

beyond the imagination. 

Fuerza Bruta brings a unique, club-theatre, experience to audiences through a spectacle of dance, music, movement, and passion that fills hearts with collective joy.

AVEN is a celebration of adventure and paradise. A place that exists in our minds. A space without a floor, without boundaries. This is a show that seeks collective happiness and pushes everyone’s limits to find it. It sweeps the audience up and envelops them with an unstoppable force. This is a show that will leave everyone breathless for more. 

📍 Chalk Farm

💰 From £25.00

🕒 9th July - 1st September 2024

🎟️ Book via

Fuerza Bruta - Aven at the Roundhouse Photo credit  Johan Persson.jpg(15).jpg


An audio-driven journey through a moonlit fever dream. 

Barefoot and wearing headphones, audiences feel their way through a labyrinthine installation as an unseen narrator reveals a story of innocence lost and obsession unleashed.

Written by Booker Prize-shortlisted Daisy Johnson, Viola’s Room reimagines a classic gothic mystery for a new audience. It distils two decades of Punchdrunk’s immersive practice into an intimate sensory adventure that promises to infuse the dreams of anyone who dares to follow the light.

📍 Woolwich

💰 From £28.50. 

🕒 14th May to 15th September 2024

🎟️ Book via (Rush tickets also available)

Audience Member,  Punchdrunk - Viola_s Room Photo Julian Abrams.jpg


This brand-new experience will take you on an exciting adventure into Paddington’s world! 

Help Paddington and the Brown Family prepare for a very special occasion; the Marmalade Day Festival. Just like Paddington, you’ll begin your adventure in the hustle and bustle of Paddington Station where you’ll meet the friendly Station Master and hop aboard our full-sized train carriage – make sure you aren’t late! Journey through the sights and sounds of London, all the way to the Brown’s house at No. 32 Windsor Gardens. Step inside the Brown’s famous tree adorned hallway and explore multiple rooms in their home, then venture beyond as you’re transported to the magical jungle of Peru – all to help Paddington prepare for the biggest party Windsor Gardens has ever seen! Finish by celebeating the Marmalade Day Festival at Windsor Gardens with Paddington and his friends where you’ll dance to vibrant calypso music, play fairground games and eat & drink festival treats – most importantly you can try Paddington’s favourite Marmalade sandwich!

📍 Waterloo

💰 From £34.00

🕒 31st May - Onwards

🎟️ Book via

PATH_Paddington_(c)Alex Brenner__12_3325-ARW-dxd_s.webp


You have been summoned for a new kind of trial. You and your fellow jurors must review the evidence, speak to the accused, and come to a conclusion. Is he guilty or not guilty? And is there more to this case than meets the eye?


Harry Briggs has been charged with arson, manslaughter, and murder. He admits the arson, but has pled Not Guilty to manslaughter and murder. Under the Justice Act 2021, it is your job as a jury not only to look at the evidence, but also to interrogate the Defendant yourselves.


Can you determine what happened on the night in question? 

Jury Duty players are invited to join other players at a central London office location to take part in a new form of jury service. 

📍 Aldgate

💰 From £39.50

🕒 Ongoing

🎟️ Book via


My Plan For Tomorrow

Success means many different things. Accomplishment in some artistic sense, or maybe just lauding it over your contemporaries. Failure could be anything at all. Hilarious, disturbing and at times highly surreal, My Plan For Tomorrow questions what it means to be successful in an increasingly alienated world. Four characters and the audience meet in intimate, progressively strange circumstances.

spare the rod create audience-driven experiences that challenge theatrical conventions and make poignant jabs at modern day society.

📍 Camberwell

💰 From £12.00

🕒 30th July - 3rd August 2024

🎟️ Book via


Deathcell: Magenta

DEATHCELL: MAGENTA is a brand-new, original and terrifyingly intense immersive
horror escape experience. Prepare to uncover an origin story where you’ll meet Magenta,

a twisted-tinkerer of trials where survival is the only option.

You’re challenged to take on a 60-minute, live-action experience that’s not for the
faint-hearted. It’s time to uncover the truth as you hit rewind and play through the past,
witnessing cinematic theatre and solving seemingly impossible puzzles to make your

escape – have you got what it takes to survive?

Betrayal, deception and unprecedented choices lie ahead... are you ready to push play?

📍 Hackney Wick

💰 From £30.00

🕒 23rd - 31st August 2024

🎟️ Book via



Discover BOUND by Amber Jarman-Crainey, a physical theatre immersive work exploring grief at Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf.

Spread over five floors, the piece will showcase different scenarios of grief, inviting you to observe, follow, explore, reflect and interpret, including free entry to view installation art as part of the show.

📍 Blackfriars

💰 From £20.00

🕒 25th August - 7th September 2024

🎟️ Book via



Rhythm&Ruse will allow guests to step into a fully realised jazz age speakeasy, where they will encounter the members of a secret society - with a shadowy history to discover - presenting the world's best close-up magic and cabaret.


A live jazz band will accompany the magicians, and cabaret performers will host the evening with singing, comedy and larger-than-life stage magic accompanying the close-up performances. 

Directed by Fania Grigoriou, with musical direction by Naomi Banks, and hosted and devised by Sam Booth and Mallory Gracenin, the production brings together some of the world's most loved and renowned immersive theatre creative talents, most recently seen in Punchdrunk's 'The Burnt City'.

📍 Waterloo

💰 From £60.00 including open bar

🕒 29th August - 17th November 2024

🎟️ Find out more at


The Magician's Table

The Magician’s Table invites guests to join friends and family from across the globe at the wake of the Great Dieter Roterberg, as they celebrate the life of this famed carnival owner, magician and renowned collector of curios. Led by his beloved widow, guests will be given exclusive access into Roterberg’s private performance space and workshop. A privilege reserved only for his trusted circle, this intimate space is filled with mementos from his legendary adventures, archives from his carnival acts and, of course, his stage and tables. Once seated, guests will be drawn into the final plans made by Roterberg for one last night of wonder where hopefully, with the help of his friends, family and protégés, the trick that had eluded him throughout his life will finally be completed.

📍 London Bridge

💰 From £35.00

🕒 5th September - 3rd November 2024

🎟️ Book via


Taskmaster: The Live Experience

Taskmaster: The Live Experience gives fans the chance to step into the shoes of their favourite comedians and enter the iconic Taskmaster House. Based on the BAFTA and National Comedy Award winning hit TV show, brand-new ridiculous and infuriating tasks set in the lab, living room, shed and other recognisable locations will get contestants battling for points, culminating in a final in the studio theatre where one player will win the Taskmaster’s seal of approval. The Live Experience has two unique gameplay experiences to choose from, Melon Buffet and Absolute Casserole, each containing different tasks and challenges. There are bespoke videos throughout from Little Alex Horne who has finally got his own team of assistants (Little Little Alex Hornes) to lead participants through the tasks.

📍 Canada Water

💰 From £50.00

🕒 30th September 2024 - 25th January 2025

🎟️ Book via



The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is 75 minutes of frantic, frenetic, silly team fun that’s open to those everybody aged 9 and over.

Your goal is to get as much time in The Crystal Dome and score as many points as you can.

You and your friends run around four different zones – Industrial, Futuristic, Medieval and Aztec. In each zone, test your skills, solve mysteries and face mental and physical challenges.

All of these are against the clock, naturally. The more challenges you complete successfully, the more Crystals you win and the more time you’ll have for the final test in … drumroll… The Crystal Dome.

📍 Piccadilly Circus

💰 From £62.00

🕒 Ongoing

🎟️ Book via



The world-renowned Olivier nominated smash hit will once again open in London – but this time at its new home, LABYRINTH Waterloo.


With even more twists and turns for 2023, Alice's Adventures Underground is a fusion of storytelling, music, circus, puppetry and spectacle. Discover your Wonderland like never before with this interactive, 90-minute narrative theatre show, piecing together the puzzle as to what has happened to Alice who is lost in the looking glass.


We’re placing you at the heart of the action. But hopefully not at the Queen of Hearts’ feet. Help Alice in an adventure like no other – your adventure. Will you go this way or that? Eat or Drink? Grow or Shrink? The choice is yours. Take tea with the maddest of Hatters, let the Cheshire Cat take you hither or thither and explore a land full of wonder.

📍 Waterloo



🎟️ Find out more at



The Murdér Express is a 2hr experience like no other that combines a comedy theatre show, a delicious meal and some of the best cocktails in town, all set in a 1920's themed venue; Pedley Street Station & onboard The Murdér Express.

Step into the enchanting world of 1920’s East London to have your taste buds and tummy tickled by our delicious menu and our comedic murder mystery. Our unique immersive food experience will have you savouring a unique 3-course bespoke menu crafted for your journey by our highly acclaimed Chef Partner, Two Star Michelin Chef, Niall Keating. We also offer handcrafted cocktails at our stylish bar whilst unravelling a gripping murder mystery.

The Murdér Express is where gastronomy meets entertainment. Buckle up for a memorable immersive experience with unique twists and turns.

📍 Bethnal Green

💰 From £74.50

🕒 Ongoing

🎟️ Book via



Avora is a first of its kind cocktail adventure where guests can discover a brand-new world engulfed in mystery and wonder, brought to life through awe-inspiring theatrical sets, unique cocktails and a cast of talented actors.


Step through the newly discovered gateway into the magical world of Avora! Meet with locals and explore the world to discover three extraordinary cocktails you will enjoy. Watch in awe as the world turns from day to night, and witness the mysterious and magical beauty of the lush new land.


Be prepared, things are not what they seem, and you will have to make a decision on the fate of the world! Will you look to exploit it or will you help protect Avora!

📍 Hoxton

💰 From £40.00

🕒 Ongoing

🎟️ Book via



From your very own orange jumpsuit upon entrance to the real metallic cells, Alcotraz venues are more than just themed cocktail bars, they combine the very best of immersive theatre with a world-class cocktail experience.


When convicted to Alcotraz, inmates are taken into an exciting world of mischief as they are instructed by notorious bootleggers from inside the joint to smuggle-in liquor to be used to make delicious, bespoke cocktails. You won’t find a set menu of drinks here…after all, it is prison! Alcotraz creates a range of tailored cocktails every night based on the liquor you bring and your tastes.


Be as creative as you can with your attempts to smuggle-in liquor. Alternatively, the crooked Guards are on your side and have a system for hiding contraband. Just make sure The Warden doesn’t catch you.

📍 Hoxton

💰 From £39.99

🕒 Ongoing

🎟️ Book via



Howdy, y’all! Behind the swinging doors of the Moonshine Saloon, new outlaws can rub shoulders with the locals, try their luck at cards or dice games and enjoy a barrel load of illicit drinks.


Just be sure to keep yourself quiet if the Sheriff is in town and asks any questions… he’s come close to catching Cassidy before! Moonshine Saloon is an immersive cocktail experience that gives guests the chance to unleash their inner outlaw by bringing Moonshine (liquor) to join Clyde Cassidy's infamous Moonshine Empire.


Guests will be transported to an unseen world of the American Wild West whilst enjoying personalised cocktails by a team of expert mixologists.

📍 Aldgate

💰 From £39.99

🕒 Ongoing

🎟️ Book via



Indulge in depravity, murder and fine gastronomy. See Holmes' greatest case of all - The Hound Of The Baskervilles - unfold around you. The Lost Estate's cult 2021 hit is back, perfected, for 2024.


Welcome to 221B Baker Street, home to Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Supernatural dead and tabloid horror are tearing the City apart. Amid the chaos, Holmes and Watson act: A press conference at 221B; your attendance essential; truth will out.


Discover a multi-layered immersive world. Journey from crime-soaked London alleys to desolate Devonshire moors. See theatre, musical, and a star cast bring his greatest case - The Hounds of the Baskervilles - to life around you.


Three courses of Victorian gastronomy, shot through with modern culinary obsession. Conjured by The Lost Estate's executive chef Ash Clarke.

📍 West Kensington

💰 From £149.50

🕒 19th March - 28th July 2024

🎟️ Book via



Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience combines immersive theatre, virtual reality, augmented reality, holograms and cutting-edge technology, all set to Jeff Wayne's iconic score; giving audiences the chance to live through the Martian invasion of 1898.

With a maximum of 12 people per performance, journey through 24 extraordinary interactive scenes in a breath-taking 1 hour 50 minute experience in The City of London. 

Live actors and detailed sets make you feel like it’s really happening and you’re part of the story.

You’ll meet a cast of 17 characters played by 12 live actors and a mix of holograms, projections and virtual reality.  Talk and interact with the live cast and get up close to some of your favourite characters from the story.

📍 Aldgate

💰 From £45.00

🕒 Ongoing

🎟️ Book via



Travel back in time to the dark and dangerous streets of London in 1605, when there’s a conspiracy afoot to blow up the Houses of Parliament and kill thousands of innocent people. 

Find yourself spying for the Crown, sympathising with the oppressed rebels, smuggling gunpowder and escaping from the Tower of London before your head ends up on a spike. 

Who are the traitors and who can you trust?


This thrilling 1hour 40 minute immersive performance is brought to life by live actors, million-dollar room sets and cutting edge virtual reality.

📍 Tower Hill

💰 From £45.00

🕒 Ongoing

🎟️ Book via

★★★ - Immersive Rumours


Elvis Presley fans will have the opportunity to feel up close and personal to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Layered Reality is set to launch “Elvis Evolution” in Central London this November with multiple cities to follow including Las Vegas, Tokyo and Berlin.


Layered Reality will bring Elvis back through the power of AI and holographic projection, augmented reality, live theatre and multi-sensory effects, in a celebration of his life and musical legacy.


As part of the deal, Layered Reality have been given access to thousands of Elvis’s personal photos and hours of the star’s home-video archive to create new AI Elvis performances that have never been seen before.



🕒 From November 2024

🎟️ Find out more at



Throughout the centuries, artists have captured the complexity of our world with paint. They have filled canvases with astonishing landscapes, alternate realities, sublime colour and ultimate purity – seeking to express the very essence of humanity.


Today, technology allows us to get closer to these masterpieces than ever before. Step beyond the frame and be immersed in the astonishing worlds these artists have created. Travel through time and space to experience every brushstroke with all your senses. Frameless is redefining the experiential immersive art world.


Situated in Marble Arch, we are the largest permanent multi-sensory experience in the UK. Frameless features four galleries and showcases some of the world’s greatest works of art presented in ways never seen before.

📍 Marble Arch

💰 From £26.10

🕒 Ongoing

🎟️ Book via



In this multi-sensory experience, visitors will travel through fantastical landscapes and into imaginary metaverses filled with unique optical illusions and photo opportunities.

Upon entering this otherworldly planet, guests will be able to leave real-life at the door and embark on a journey that inspires them to reconnect with their emotions and bodily sensations, making astonishing discoveries along the way. The combination of colours, lasers, lights and bubbles, together with 360-degree projection technology and a unique virtual reality experience invites guests of all ages into a dream-like, escapist experience in the midst of the busy city.

📍 Wembley Park

💰 From £19.90

🕒 Ongoing

🎟️ Book via



Have you ever dreamt of stepping into a painting?


Take an awe-inspiring journey into the incomparable universe of Van Gogh, one of the greatest artistic geniuses of the 19th century.


Explore his life, his work, and his secrets as never before through cutting-edge 360-degree digital projections, a one-of-a-kind VR experience, and a uniquely atmospheric light and sound show.


This impactful experience has already thrilled visitors in Naples, Italy, Brussels, Belgium, and the UK. Become completely immersed in the works of art around you, and feel the shift in reality as you dive deep into the world created by Van Gogh's brush strokes.

📍 Shoreditch

💰 From £15.90

🕒 Ongoing

🎟️ Book via


Pulse: Beyond Delight

Immerse yourself in PULSE: Beyond Delight, a groundbreaking media art exhibition that brings the heart of Seoul to London.


Building on the success of ‘Delight’, PULSE takes you deeper into Seoul's essence with stunning, thought-provoking installations. Experience the city's dynamic energy through cutting-edge digital projections, captivating landscapes, and authentic stories.


Become part of Seoul's living narrative and witness the exquisite harmony of its technology and tradition. Don’t miss out and get your tickets today for PULSE: Beyond Delight in London!

📍 London Bridge

💰 From £27.40

🕒 Ongoing

🎟️ Book via

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