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COLAB Theatre announce immersive horror show 'The Descent' for Halloween 2023

After almost a year of silence COLAB Theatre - the immersive theatre company behind shows including The West and Crooks 1926 return later this month with the premiere of The Descent, a one-of-a-kind Greek myth experience set to thrill and terrify audiences this Halloween.

Described as a 'journey through the Underworld, where visitors will embark upon a harrowing journey into the unknown', the show will see a limited group of only 20 guests per performance travel with Orpheus on a treacherous journey to the underworld to find his love, Eurydice. It will be an intimate, highly intense experience that will test audience's trust and courage.

COLAB Theatre have previously run a series of immersive horror experiences including Echoes (2021), Flicker (2020) and Silence (2019).

Artistic Director Bertie Watkins comments...

Immersive theatre has the potential to create the ultimate Halloween thrill. We created The Descent to push the boundaries of immersive horror and plunge our audience into the aftermath of an Ancient Greek Myth. Audiences will experience an intimate, up-close, and personal journey, whilst influencing the narrative.

The Descent will run from Friday 20th October to Saturday 18th November 2023 at COLAB Bankside. Tickets start at £28 and can be booked via


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