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Kraken Rum announce their annual Halloween immersive pop-up experience for 2023

The Kraken Rum announce their new pop-up immersive Halloween horror experience in London, where the prices of drinks are determined by visitors’ heart rates during an 'immersive horror gauntlet'.

Kraken Shock Exchange Screamfest VII Promo Image

A new pop-up immersive experience this Halloween by The Kraken Rum will see visitors don heart-rate monitors before being thrown into a unique horror experience. The price they pay at the end of the experience in the bar for cocktails will be dictated by how much their BPM increased while inside. Developed alongside The Recreational Fear Lab, the immersive pre-bar experience is 'scientifically designed to make hearts pound'.

The event is described as 'an immersive horror gauntlet' that will be 'dark, suspenseful and heart-thumping-out-of-the-chest frightening, it has more scares per minute than the best horror movies and is designed with one aim in mind: raise heart rates.'

Kraken Shock Exchange Screamfest VII Promo Image

Guests descending into this heart of darkness will find themselves in a twisted testing ground - an arena of terror designed to discover if they are brave enough to receive The Beast’s benevolence by way of lower-priced cocktails.

Once through the gauntlet guests will find themselves in the relatively safe embrace of The Beast’s bar, where they’ll discover just how much they were able to control their BPMs – or not. Those with lower heart rates will have their bravery compensated, while those who let fear take over will be charged incrementally more.

Kraken Shock Exchange Screamfest VII Promo Image

Mathias Clasen from The Recreational Fear Lab says the following...

An increase in heart rate is among the most well-known physiological indicators of fear and research has identified a range of stimuli that reliably induces fear in the average person. It is this knowledge that hosts of Screamfest VII have used in an event designed to heighten fear, and, by extension, heart rate. Hearts don’t lie, even in the presence of masking smiles.

Tickets for Screamfest VII: Shock Exchange are priced at £10 each and include a cocktail. All subsequent drinks will be priced in line with guests’ heart rates. Those with racing hearts won’t pay more than £7 and resting hearts less than £3.

Kraken Shock Exchange Screamfest VII Promo Image

Those interested in attending will need to book quickly, as there are limited spaces available, with many time slots already sold out.


Kraken Screamfest VII: Shock Exchange will run for three days at the Clerkenwell Catacombs, from 26th to 28th October. Tickets can be booked via Universe.


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