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Sleepwalk Immersive confirm cast for Bacchanalia

Sleepwalk Immersive have announced the cast for their debut show - Bacchanalia, an immersive retelling of The Bacchae by Euripides.

Set to open later this year at CRYPT in Bethnal Green, each show will see an audience of just 40 audience members explore the space with six performers.

Take a trip to the city of Thebes, where King Pentheus believes he has everything under control - that is until his divine cousin Dionysus turns up seeking revenge on the family who have expressed doubt about this upstart god’s status. Witness first-hand the clash between mortals and the divine. You will ask yourself … do you deny a god?
Bacchanalia Poster
Bacchanalia Poster

The creative team behind Sleepwalk Immersive includes Sebastian Huang as Artistic Director, Ruth Howard as Movement Director, Maya McQueen and Peter Broughton as Associate Directors and Madeleine Houghton as Executive Producer.

The cast features Jordan Ajadi (The Burnt City), Ruth Howard (Sleep No More, The Greatest Night of the Jazz Age), Christian Loveless (Phantom Peak, Tomb Raider The Live Experience), Fionn Cox-Davies (The Drowned Man, The Burnt City), Peter Broughton (The West, Phantom Peak) and Fania Grigoriou (The Burnt City, The Drowned Man).

Full Cast List:

Jordan Ajadi

Ruth Howard

Christian Loveless

Fionn Cox-Davies

Peter Broughton

Fania Grigoriou

Sleepwalk Immersive is also running a Kickstarter campaign for the show that includes rewards ranging from signed posters to show access with 'exclusive access to a one-person pre show experience'. You can back the project here.


Bacchanalia opens on 12th November at CRYPT in Bethnal Green.

For more information visit


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