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Punchdrunk's The Burnt City confirms closing date

The final performance of The Burnt City - the large-scale immersive production depicting the fall of Troy, has been confirmed to be Sunday 24th September 2023 by Punchdrunk.

The show originally opened in March 2022, and has had over 200,000 visitors since opening. It was the first large-scale Punchdrunk show to be staged in London since 2013's The Drowned Man.

Felix Barrett, the Creative Director on Punchdrunk said:

"Creating The Burnt City in the midst of a pandemic was one of the most incredible feats our team has achieved. We couldn’t be prouder of this show and everyone who brought our world of gods and mortals to life. The Burnt City has propelled us forwards and we want to keep that momentum, making the most of our new home in Woolwich. It’s the first time we have had a long-term space to call our own, so these extraordinary buildings are the perfect place to showcase our ideas quickly without needing to wait years for the right venue to come along. We’re fairly sure that The Burnt City will be the last new mask show the company makes, and what comes next will be different and unlike anything we have done before. We cannot wait to unleash these new ideas and in the meantime, we hope that everyone will make the most of our precious last months of The Burnt City!”

Tickets are on sale now for all dates, including the final performance, at


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