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'Wishmas - A Fantastical Christmas Adventure' announced for November 2023

Wishmas, a new original experience from the creative team behind Secret Cinema is set to open later this year at 'The Old Bauble Factory' at The Vaults, below Waterloo Station.

With an opening date of 14th November 2023, this immersive experience will allow visitors to 'see first-hand what happens to your wonderful wishes and follow them on their magical journey to Father Christmas' and will run for 8 weeks until 7th January 2024.

The official description of the event is:

Ever wondered where all of your wishes go? For as long as there have been wishes, there has been Wishmas, an enchanted world where wishes take flight. For those who believe, the portal to Wishmas opens its doors for a twinkle in time during the most magical season: Christmas.

Wishmas is a fully immersive winter-time experience for all the family. Discover magical realms and meet out-of-this-world characters. See first-hand what happens to your wonderful wishes and follow them on their magical journey to Father Christmas as you share the joy of Wishmas.

Secret Cinema was acquired by TodayTix in September 2022 for reportedly more than $100million. Their President and Co-Founder, Merritt Baer, has said the following alongside the announcement of Wishmas:

Secret Cinema has been bringing to life fantastical worlds based on beloved films and TV series for over 15 years. Inspired by these cinematic stories, incredible characters, and unforgettable moments, over the years the team has dreamt up countless stories of our own that we’ve always wanted to bring to life. Now, following the acquisition of Secret Cinema by TodayTix Group, we have the platform to be able to make this a reality.

With our world-class creative team, we’ve set our sights on Christmas and taking audiences on a magical journey to the heart of our new world… Wishmas. Prepare for a spectacular snow-filled show with a sensational seasonal story and, of course, a sprinkling of secret surprises too…

Tickets for Wishmas will be on general sale from 10am on Thursday 15th June via with prices starting from £49.


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