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Bridge Command set to launch in London

A new immersive experience is set to launch in London in March 2024. Bridge Command - which will see participants become the crew of a starship battling to save humanity - is the latest production from Parabolic Theatre, who have previously mounted immersive shows including Crisis? What Crisis? and For King and Country.

Bridge Command logo

With two different mission styles on offer - Military Mission and Exploration Mission, the experience with allow for an experience that matches the participants' play style. While both will involve combat, the Military Mission will focus more on ship-to-ship confrontation, with the Exploration Mission seeing the ship go where 'no other craft has gone before'. Professional actors from Parabolic Theatre will join the action as various characters that the crew meet on their journeys through space.

Each participant will take on a different role within the ship within four main groups, which are...

  • Operations Team, who are responsible for the overall running of the ship with roles including Weapons, Comms and Helm.

  • Science Team, who will focus on the route of the ship and new findings, with roles including Navigation and Radar.

  • Engineering Team, who will look after the maintenance with roles including Power Management and Damage Control.

  • Command Team, who are responsible for leading the crew and making the big decisions, with roles including Captain and First Officer.

The custom-built starship set will respond to events within the story - everything from enemy attacks to ship malfunctions will directly impact the physical set causing systems to break and sparks to fly.

Additionally, the experience's episodic format means participants have the opportunity to continue their story in subsequent visits, with events and decisions from previous missions being remembered and influencing the content of return visits.

Tickets are on sale now via Previews begin at the end of March 2024, with dates up until mid-June currently available for booking. Prices start at £40 per person


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