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Vegetables - Immersive show opens in London this June

Vegetables, a new immersive show for audiences of up to 13 people per performance is set to open at a secret location in Clerkenwell this June. Produced by Muddled Marauders, the show is set to run from 8th to 23rd June.

Poster for Vegetables

The show's description is as follows:

Clerkenwell Bio Botanics is inviting guests for a product showcase at their secret underground research centre. Dr Angela Haas has built a machine that can fix you in ways you didn’t think you could be fixed.. follow this link to be apply to be one of our lucky trialists.

To attend, audience members must apply via

The Arts Council England-funded show is directed and written by Nathan Ess and edited by Dan Wye (Seayonce). The show is inspired by the work of Julia Davis, Charlie Kaufmann and the Channel 4/Netflix series Black Mirror.


Vegetables takes places at a secret location in Clerkenwell from 8th to 23rd June. Tickets are available via and are priced at £40 per person.


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